Bmw- the Ultimate Driving Machine Essay

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BMW Dream Factory


BMW’S Dream Factory and Culture According to Schlegelmilch, Lehbrink and Osterroth (2008), the origins of BMW date back to one of three documents found in the Munich Register of Companies which states, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (Baverian Airplane Works or BFW) was founded March 7, 1916. (p. 08). Its main purpose: manufacturer and commercial distributer of airplanes. After the managing director and distinguished engineer, Karl Rapp, left the company, it was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). (p. 08). This was according to another document registered July 21, 1917. Under the leadership of a new managing director, the company diversified. It would

now produce “land, air and water vehicles, automobiles and
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The shareholders and the labor union opposed. Three months later,


Herbert and Harald Quandt purchased thirty percent of BMW’s shares. Over time, they acquired more shares. The Quandt family now holds 46.6 percent of BMW’s shares. The initial bailout allowed the company to set a new course building reliable mid-range cars at an affordable price. The cars would be affectionately called, by insiders, the “family car”. BMW’s future formula was clear: four doors, room for five, a sporty engine, fine handling, neat styling, and a highspeed autobahn capability. (Kiley 2004). The origin of BMW is a story that is told repeatedly, during employee orientation. Each new plant worker must sit through a narrative that includes old photos, and a 1959 type written plan for restructuring the company. (Edmondson, 2006). It is important to BMW that each employee understands, they misjudged the market in the 50’s and it almost cost them the company. They were able to rebuild by utilizing the power of their workforce and an infusion of money from the Quandt family, one of the least-known, most secretive, wealthiest families on the planet. (Kiley, 2004). According to Newsweek, (Edmondson, 2006, October, para. 7), Speed and agility is increasingly vital to the auto industry. This requires automakers to adapt to the lighting pace of innovation and change. The executives at BMW understand this premise. There product line is always changing to meet the demands of the public. A

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