Bmw Films Case Analysis Essay

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Marketing I : Professor Ian Fenwick
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Executive summary
BMW face though competition in US market after try to improve the situation by introduce number of new model to the core series, adjust pricing so it can compete, reorganize the dealer network and introduce new series of car to the market. Now we have a chance to focus on brand campaign call “BMW films” which is very successful campaign base on number of people who visit the web site and number of people who want more information about BMW.
After analyze the data I found that viable option for management should do after very successful BMW films
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Some may argue that movie from America may not suitable for European or Asia but most of blockbuster movie also came from US not just that all movie critics were very positive about our films. One thing that we need to adjust is to make it more effective we should select only 3 films that have high positive impact on our brand then we need to add subtitle to make sure that peoples in each continent, which use different language, understand what movie is all about. We should run campaign to draw people to the BMW website in each continent then make them register their data to the website the same way that we do it in America.
BMW owner demographic is different compare to main competitors such as Mercedes and Lexus. BMW owner are male, the same as our main competitor, but average age is lower compare to others (chart4). Median income is higher compare to Lexus customer base but lower than Mercedes. When we compare that demographic to data of people that watch BMW films we can see that viewer are younger and have lower median income this could be one of the opportunity of BMW.
BMW target is different from competitors, not just in term of demographic, in term of positioning. Mercedes are focus on classic prestige luxury and status, more comfortable and more conservative the same go for Lexus. BMW though we

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