Bmw Efficient Dynamics Pr-Campaign Analysis Essay

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BMW-campaign for introducing Efficient Dynamics in Hungary, 2009
Executive Summary
The campaign introduced the new Efficient Dynamics technology of BMW by creating the team “BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics” and participating on long-term races to make customers know and understand the real advantage of the technology: that low fuel consumption and emissions combined with out-standing performance leads in success by competing even vs. sport cars positioned on a much higher level. The campaign covered two long-term races in 2009, one at Nürburgring and one at Hungaroring. (Thanks to their successes, the BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics got the chance to continue racing in 2010 as well, though, it was NOT the part of the
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Technical problems (1.5 hours repair of fly wheel) with the car kept the Team away from finishing in the first 20.
Results at Hungaroring
In category: 1st
Overall: 6th
(BMW Team Hungary Microsite; Challenge(s):
The nature of the campaign (sports event) and the identity of drivers guaranteed the high level of media coverage. On one hand, it was good, but on the other hand, this way it was vitally important to achieve a good result. Any technical problems or too bad result could backfire. What the advantage of this campaign was (that it was not just the promise but also the proof at the same time) could have been the danger of it as well.
A team using Audi also participated on the race and as they have the same target group as BMW, it was necessary to win the race against them.


The two main goals were: to reach a high level of publicity and to destroy the bad connection of efficiency and low-standard. With the help of the strategy and by achieving good results at the races they wanted to reach these two goals at once: to prove and let people talk about that.
With a low ATL budget they had to: • make the new technology well-known, • reach a high level of publicity, • reach positive press coverage, • increase the credibility of the new technology, • endear the new technology, • destroy the connection between low consumption and low performance or low

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