Bmgt 110 Assignment 1 Essay

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Case Study Analysis

In business, all parties must maintain a strong code of ethics to operate a successful and morally sound company. It is crucial to the reputation and overall success of the business to conduct itself ethically at all levels of the organization. At the company level, it is important for management to lay a solid foundation and to lead by a clearly communicated example. Each employee should then know how to comply with the policies in place and follow outlined guidance when facing ethical dilemmas. With consistent ethical and moral confrontation, how should individuals in a company be groomed to respond to such issues?
Jacob’s Ethical Dilemma
After receiving praise and a monetary reward of $10,000 for
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Employee’s Roles in Ethical Situations When faced with an ethical dilemma, an employee can find a suitable solution by following these steps: Define the problem, identify feasible options, assess the effect of each option, establish criteria for most appropriate action, and select the best option based on criteria (Exploring business, 2014). It is best to comply with the employer’s policies on ethics and to have a strong personal “code of ethics” to ensure good business ethics. In order for Jacob to operate ethically in this situation, he should be honest about the problem. He should consult Krystal and together present the issue to management. Although the money would help with the medical expenses, it is unfair to his coworker to take all of the credit for the presentation. Jacob would demonstrate good ethics by declining to put his own needs before his coworker and his company. An employee should always compete fairly in business to exercise good judgement and decision-making.

The Organization’s Role in Ensuring Ethical Situations
While Jacob is responsible for upholding personal integrity and acting fairly to his coworker, the company is responsible for setting the standard. In order for an employee to comply with ethical policies, the policies must be clearly communicated. If management leads by example, employees are more likely to follow suit (Awasthi 2008). An organization can ensure good ethics by treating

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