Bluebird Toys: Movie Analysis

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It is 1983 and Chris Wiggs is tired of his daughter Joanna carrying around these massive barbie dolls. He decided to no longer put up with it and create a smaller version of a doll instead. polly pockets they were named, mostly because of the fact that they were so small they could fit into your pocket. When he first designed these toys he had no idea they would be majorly popular for over 10 years, have many variations and eventually end in discontinuation.
Bluebird Toys were the first to license the toy and shortly after in 1989 the toys hit the stores. Not long after the toys hit stores, Mattel wanted to take over an license and distribute polly pockets. In 1990 Mattel and Bluebird Toys had a distribution meeting arranged. At this meeting
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Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse came out in 2003 and had nothing but horrible ratings all around, the plot was confusing and did not include enough details. Polly Pocket 2: Cool at the Pocket Plaza was a bigger and better hit when it came to audience enjoyment, the plot was better and the animations were immensely improved. I remember seeing this movie with my family and being in love, I was only 6 at the time but it was my favorite movie and played on repeat in my play room. The third and final movie of the polly pocket series was released in 2006 and was named PollyWorld. Although the final movie was not as big as a crowd pleaser as Polly Pocket 2, it was better than the first movie.
Polly pocket also released 2 video games, Electronic Polly pocket and Super Splash Island. Electronic polly pocket came in it’s own portable gaming system. It was equipped with sound, buttons and color images. Super splash island was made for the gameboy gaming systems and was very popular throughout 2006 and
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The website is still up today and includes games, videos and “Polly World” where you can dress up polly and decorate her room. In 2010 when the website launched I received my first laptop for my birthday. I remember dressing up polly everyday. The real dolls were now deemed lame and the only cool way to play with polly pockets was to play through the website.
The website was used to relaunch the popularity of polly pockets. By 2010, before the website came out the sales were down and many recalls had been made. The launch of the website helped boost sales and make polly pocket somewhat popular again.
By 2013 there was over 40 variations of the original doll and playset. There were now 8 characters that were actually made into dolls; Polly, Lila, Lorelei, Rick, Shani, Todd, Pia, and Lea. Lea and Polly were best friends throughout all the movies and webseries released.
Polly is described as being active, kind and loving. She was a role model for young girls throughout the duration of her lifespan. Her best friend Lea had bright red hair and sparkling green eyes. She was an animal lover just like Polly and that's why they clicked so

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