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The ARC Company specializes in developing and selling a wide range of high-quality scooters. Sales representatives report that there is a growing demand for racing scooters. ARC’s president, Robin Lane, is excited about the possibilities and predicts that one day these kinds of razor scooters will be featured in X-Game events. ARC is a small company and uses a strong matrix to optimally utilize limited manpower. The Project Priority Matrix for the Blue Zuma Project is: Time Scope

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2. How does the new duration compare with the estimated completion date generated

from Part 1? What does this tell you about the impact resources can have

on a schedule?

Include a Gantt chart with a schedule table depicting the resource-constrained


Part 3

Top management is not happy with the resource-constrained schedule generated

at the end of Part 2. Robin Lane, the president, has promised retailers that production

of the new scooters would start on February 1, 2009.

1. What options are available to meet this new deadline if the project is not resource


2. What options are available to meet this deadline if the project is resource


Dewey Martin, director of product development, has managed to make the following

personnel available to work on specific activities on the project. Since

there is an acute shortage of personnel at ARC he requests that you only use additional

manpower that will help meet the new deadline. Your objective is to develop

a schedule which will satisfy the deadline with minimum additional resource

usage. The available personnel and impact on activity duration are presented in

Table A2.7.

Resource $/hour Number Available

Marketing specialist $60 4

Design engineer $90 4

Development engineer $80 4

Industrial engineer $70 4

Purchasing agent $50 1

Appendix 2 Computer Project Exercises 633

Prepare a memo that
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