Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

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The impact of Blue Ocean Strategy

In the earlier work (See Blue Ocean Strategy: how to create uncontested market , 2005) it has been argued two types of strategies: blue ocean strategy and red ocean strategy. Red ocean strategists compete to win market share in traditional mature markets and pursue either a differentiation or cost leader strategy. On the other hand, Blue ocean strategists, create new environments, redefine products or services or the nature of competition, make competition irrelevant, and pursue a strategy of differentiation and low cost. This essay puts an extend view: the applications of Blue Ocean strategy in real cases, and what is key advantage of blue ocean strategy?

From the researcher‘s point of view, the
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|Limited exposure to language in use |Structuring language per practical rules and cultural |
| |expectations (Cognitive) |
|Students have few options once they select or are placed in a |Motivate students by a range of continuously available options |
|program |Purpose |
|Limited by teacher knowledge |Subject matter |
|Limited by class group |Coaching |
|Little opportunity for student purpose or interest to influence |Co-participants |
|learning |Genre/social practice |
|Maintaining motivation is difficult | |
|Forgetting curve is steep |Increase retention |
|3-day interruption in study jeopardizes newly learned items |Learning is available on demand |
|1-week interruption

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