Blue Light Essay

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For my research project, I investigated “To what extent does exposure to blue light in technology cause disruptions to the sleeping patterns of teenagers compared to elderly people?” as it interested me due to the large amounts of time many people I know currently spend in facing technology and the lack of sleep they receive consequently. Furthermore, I was also intrigued in investigating whether physical age can cause an impact to the effects of blue light on sleeping patterns. The primary research methods conducted involved the organisation and execution of an interview with a health professional and the creation of a survey within the local community. Additionally, a variety of secondary sources such as academic journals, videos
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Through the use of Google, I was able to find books and websites relating to the effect of blue light on biological systems, one of which is titled The Blue Light Syndrome by H. Senger. However, only an extract of the book was accessible online so I decided later, to visit the State Library instead to attain the same book or a substitute with similar contents. The decision to visit the State Library proved to be an effective method as it allowed me to find not only the same book written by H. Senger, but also several other credible journal articles and books such as Acta Ophthalmologica by Alvgere relating to my topic I wasn’t able to attain online. The two books detailed many aspects of the effects of blue light on health such as eye physiology, age-related factors, and circadian rhythm disruptions which enabled me to have a better and more perceptive understanding of the factors between blue light and sleeping patterns. After reviewing the selected books and journals, it was determined that the sources examined would assist greatly in the resolution of my research question as it had contained and provided me with key knowledge on the impact of blue light to sleep, along with justification to the importance of physical age with the changes of blue …show more content…
My preliminary research ensured that through further planning and refinement of my processes, I was able to accomplish my primary and secondary research efficiently and effectively to gather a variety of qualitative and quantitative data and successfully resolve any obstacles that occur. Through the different methods, the key findings discovered to answer my question was that compared to natural blue light, artificial blue light has a shorter and higher energy wavelength which causes more harm when exposed, the use of artificial blue light has the ability to disrupt melatonin production and the circadian rhythm, the impact of blue light is more prominent and pronounced in teenagers due to the instability of hormonal production due to growth, and the impact of blue light is less effective on the elderly due to aging physiological changes such as yellowing

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