Blue : Facts About The Case Essay

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Blue: Facts of the case, Summary of issue / dilemma, plaintiff and defendant arguments / responses, laws being referred to, courts analysis in each count.
Red: Laws the court decides to apply to the facts and allegations of the case, how the court applies those laws, the courts holding for each count.
Green: Definitions of legal terms, or outside comments.
Plaintiff Universal Computer Services which is a network of affiliated companies who provide systems to car dealerships. The provide a variety of services that include inventory functions and communications from dealer to the manufacturer. Dealer Computer Services is part of ‘USC”.
Defendant Randy Fuller owns and operates Fuller’s White Mountain Motors. It is a car dealership located in Arizona. Fuller is a former client of UCS.
Mr. Fuller on behalf of Fuller’s White Mountain entered two contracts to purchase CPD software upgrades from DCS.
Fuller stopped paying DCS the monthly fee under one of its CPD contracts.
Fuller asserted that DCS had breached the contract for not providing them with a Pentium processor.
DCS compelled arbitration in an Arizona court for breach of contract which the court granted the motion. Fuller was angry at the final decision of the court.
The arbitrator ruled in favor of DCS finding that Fuller’s White Mountain Motors had breached the contract for not paying, not DCS for not providing a Pentium processor.
Fuller seek to post defaming comments about DCS on a website hosted by “Dealer Magazine:…

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