Essay on Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

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Whether at a job, at home, or in between, any experience can be just as educational as a class at a university. In “Blue Collar Brilliance”, the author, Mike Rose, uses anecdotes from his family’s experiences to prove how although his family members might not have had much formal education, they all were “intelligent” due to the lessons they learned at work. Given my family’s own experience, I can attest to that.

Throughout all of the generations of my family, half have attended a traditional university, while the others went to work or had a different experience, some even had both. In the recent decade though, my cousins and I have leaned towards traditional classroom learning because that is what was taught to us in a class. At same time, we have come to appreciate the education we ourselves or our family members have learned outside of the classroom setting.

My grandmother and her siblings came from the Azores when she was only 19 with minimal English language skills. Her siblings were young enough to go to school, so while they were taught English and other subjects one on one in classes, she got a job working on the line for a speaker factory to support her family. Forty years later, she is now an advisor of at a different company organizing their shipping department. My grandma might not have Known much about shipping before getting her first job at the company she currently works at, but like how she learned English with minimal assistance, she pick up her new…

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