Blue Collar Brilliance By Mark Rose Essay

800 Words Jun 26th, 2015 4 Pages
At first glance, the length of Mark Rose’s “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, made me contemplate “How could I possibly relate to this?” along with “In what way can I read all this and write an essay on it?” However, as I commenced to read, the author addresses something that made me connect with him. With great ardor, Rose states in his essay his position on the matter that the amount of schooling a person receives dictates their knowledge and skill set. He counteracts this opinion by detailing the various skills his waitress mother, factory working uncle, and other family members their “blue-collar” jobs obtained. I enjoyed reading Rose’s essay because through vivid descriptions, he states the issues that my family has gone through and learned how to appreciate the working class with little to no education.
The author used evocative storytelling to not only express his viewpoint, but to keep me interested in hearing his stance. From the very beginning, Rose visually immersed me into his essay with the narration of his mother working and his experiences, lasting for several passages. He describes, “Weaving in and out around the room, waitresses warned behind you in impassive but urgent voices. Standing at the service window facing the kitchen, they called out abbreviated orders. Fry four on two, my mother would say as she clipped a check onto the metal wheel” (243-244). He goes on to describe his uncle’s factory job while he was taking a tour in his younger years. He states, “The…

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