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“Mary, Mary quite Contrary…..” or “Bloody Mary Bloody Mary…..” something we’ve all heard of at a party or a sleepover, but who is Bloody Mary…..or was???? There are different types of legends leading to the legend of Bloody Mary. Some say she was a queen who killed those who were not Catholic. But what is the true story? Was she a queen or not? Was she a witch, a spirit? Or is Bloody Mary just another urban legend to tell in the dark? According to BBC, Queen Mary killed many Protestants because she wanted to keep Catholicism in England for this reason she got the name “Bloody Mary”, “Queen Mary I was the first queen to rule under her own right. She was well known as "Bloody Mary" for her persecution of the Protestants in an attempt to …show more content…
They would call her name and they would be able to catch a glimpse of their future husband, But if they saw skull that means they wouldn’t live to get married, Bloody mary is said to be a ghost, phantom or spirit who can reveal the future by appearing in a mirror when her name is said three times. Historically, this folklore would encourage young ladies to walk up a flight of stairs backwards while holding a hand mirror in a dark house as they look into the mirror they are supposed to be able to see a view of their future husband but if they saw a skull or the face of the Grim Reaper instead, indicating that they were going to die before getting the chance to marry. The rituals they do today are different from the ones they did before. Today Bloody Mary appears to individuals or groups who invoke her name, usually by chanting her name to a mirror placed in a dark room lit by a candle. Bloody mary then appears as a corpse, a witch or a ghost. The lore surrounding the ritual (if she is summoned properly) states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood or scratching their eyes out. Another way of taunting Bloody Mary is regarding her babies which is …show more content…
The most common story told is that Mary Worth was a witch that lived over 100 years ago who dabbled in the black arts. She was found out and executed. However this does not tie in with a child or baby which is often mentioned in the ritual of summoning her. The other story accompanying the ritual is a local woman was involved in a fatal car accident nearby, her face horribly mutilated. She reappears in the mirror when summoned with that same horrific face. It is largely believed that the origins of the names "Mary Worth" and "Bloody Mary" came from a slight mix up of characters from history. There is a lot of speculation as to the names being taken from Mary I, Queen of England who reigned during the Tudor period. Mary Tudor was also commonly known as "Bloody Mary". Her nickname of "Bloody Mary" became attached to her when she violently executed and burnt people at the stake for heresy throughout her reign of a little over 5 years. She also was unable to bear children and suffered two phantom pregnancies, this is where it is speculated that the Bloody Mary game involving chanting "I stole your baby" or "I killed your baby" became tangled up with the now known Bloody Mary

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