Blood, Sweat, And Tears Essay

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Blood, Sweat, and Tears “A dancer is one of the hardest working athlete, everyone else just simply plays the game.” (Author Unknown) Through-out my dancing career I have been told dance is not a sport. I have to disagree with them. An average dancer practice about six hours each day. Comparing to a professional football player, they practice about four hours each day. That is two hours more of physical work. The reason why society does not think it is a sport because they do not see what goes on behind the curtains. There is blood, sweat, and tears leading up to a performance. I have tried different sports. Volleyball, dance, cheerleading, track, soccer, golf, and yes, even basketball. I believe the toughest sport I have done is dance. It requires commitment and endurance. When playing in a football game, and a player receives an injury, they will simply sit out the rest of the game. If a dancer receives an injury during a dance recital, they have to push themselves and keep moving. After spending months on multiple dance routines, one year I got into a bike accident the day before my dance recital. In dance, a the athlete cannot just substitute someone into the dance. I had to buck it up and go to my dance recital. Even though I was a bit wobbly, I did make it through the night. Before each practice in any sport, it is necessary that an athlete should stretch. The athlete will be less likely to receive an injury. Some sports will only stretch for fifteen minutes and…

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