Essay on Blood Sale

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Question 1: Is Sol Levin running a business ‘just like any other business’, or is his company open to moral criticism? Defend your answer by appeal to moral principle.

Sol Levin’s business has adopted the practices that would create injustices or would violate the rights of individuals due to this business is allowing blood to be bought and sold in unfair manner.

Every person has an equal right to life. To protect this right, society has an obligation to ensure that every person whether rich or poor has equal access to medical benefits. But if a market in blood were to develop, ability to pay would determine who could buy blood, while economic need would determine who would be motivated to sell their blood. The very wealthy would
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Though one can consider the contract with the tribal leaders a "promise" which must be carried out, a case can be made for the naivete of the Africans. They did not realize they were being "suckered" into a disadvantageous agreement. (, 2014)

Regardless of its legal status, West African will continue to do whatever they can to escape poverty, and for the truly desperate, their blood may be their most valuable asset. Pushing such people into the hands of criminals and unlicensed medical practitioners, however, is a recipe for adding yet more exploitation onto an already unfair situation. This is a serious form of exploitation of impoverished people, whose blood become market commodities to prolong the lives of the wealthy few. (University, 2012)

The sellers are potentially putting their own life at risk here. Sellers risk being exploited and face far higher risks of medical complications due to the lack of health consideration. This is because they only think of reducing their poverty by selling off their blood rather than care about their health. In other word, West African are selling their health and putting them at health risk in return of money.

Question 7: Many believe that commercialisation is increasing in all areas of modern life. If so, is it something to be applauded or condemned? Is it wrong to treat certain things- such as human organs- as commodities?

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