Blood Motif In Macbeth

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Humans are imperfect and greedy that defines how people act by nature and is manageable to control. Macbeth by William Shakespeare illustrated about how Macbeth comes back from war and wants to throne to his title but Duncan’s son was the throne heir. Lady Macbeth persuaded Macbeth to murders King Duncan resulting in both of them living in guilt of their own horrors and mentality. Shakespeare represents the motif “blood” to show how thoughts are powerful and affects the actions or performances of a person. The motif “blood” stresses out the murder plot and the actual murders that Macbeth has performed and with the help of Lady Macbeth. The pattern shows how from one murder, the domino effect took action and Macbeth started to murder more people. The importance of this motif shows how “blood” portrays the meaning of a death and the action of murder that makes the characters go insane because of their crimes. One becomes engulfed with their own crimes. “Macbeth: Blood hath been shed ere now, i’th’ olden time,” (Act 3.4 line 77). This quote show represents the scene where Macbeth was sitting at the table eating dinner with Lady Macbeth and several other people when Macbeth encountered Banquo’s ghost. This scene shows where Macbeth was seen through the other character’s eyes as crazy because he saw the …show more content…
Macbeth was determined to be the heir to the throne but the witch’s prophecy pointed out that Duncan’s son will be the heir. Lady Macbeth was also determined for power and helped Macbeth plot the murder of the King. This motif means that when blood is shed, it means that someone has committed a murder. The significance shows how Macbeth sees a ghost in the image of Duncan that only he sees which illustrates the state of mind Macbeth is in; insanity. His insanity starts to affect Lady Macbeth as well and this shows us how greed is very powerful and can impact or take away other’s

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