Blood Money : The Cartel Essay

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Blood Money: The Cartel
Imagine going to an interview for a position in the English department and have the opportunity to teach college students how to excel in reading and writing, however there’s no income earned and deal is teaching college students for the love of the english language. That’s similar to the NCAA but far more criminal. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has been operating like this for decades going against paying collegiate athletes for generating millions of dollars to their universities. The main argument the NCAA makes for not compensating college athletes is because of that word itself, student-athletes. They’re not employees of the universities they’re students. Student-Athlete: students who participate in organized competition and at the same time be proficient in academics, in other words a full time employee. Student-athletes have to be ready to compete everyday whether during practices or in games, along with focusing in the classroom and be the best student they can be. College football and basketball are among the top earners for universities, however college basketball has the top players in the country that fans and most importantly sponsorships prefer to watch and go to college basketball games. In exchanged for their services, college basketball players should be compensated for generating millions of dollars for their universities.
The debate goes on to not pay college basketball players a stipend of their schools’…

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