Blood Imagery Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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One common aspect that every single living thing on this Earth has is blood which runs through every living organism. There is no living thing that is a stranger to blood; Its universality allows Shakespeare to use it as an impressive imagery in his literary works. In the play, William Shakespeare uses blood imagery to represent bravery, treason, treachery, evil, remorse and guilt. He shows how Macbeth changes from a noble person at the beginning of the play, to an evil shameful man and an evil beast. In the first line of act one scene two, when the battle between Scotland and Norway was happening. The sergeant, who had been wounded from the battle, came to Duncan who was standing at the military camp. King Duncan looked at the sergeant and asked his Lords, “What bloody man is that?”(1.2.1). The term “bloody man” is referring to the sergeant. The sergeant’s wound is extremely severe. He must come back from the battlefield to report the latest news of the fight. He tells King Duncan a story of Macbeth’s heroic victories over Macdonwald and the king of Norway. He announces how great Macbeth is during the combat even when he himself is weak, he has a big wound which displays the enemy’s strength. However, Macbeth is different from the sergeant, he is like a God, he kills all his enemy with only his sword. As the bloody man portrays Macbeth’s bloody wounds and his heroic story, that occurred in the battlefield, seemed to enhance the image of Macbeth as a hero. This blood…

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