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Valeria Lafaire
Persuasive Speech

Imagine finding out your precious baby was born with a heart defect and must have daily transfusion of blood everyday. Or imagine any situation where a loved one is hospitalized and needs blood supply. If anything ever happened to a loved one, in a heartbeat every single one of you would do anything to save there live.

Background info: Every two seconds, someone needs blood and about 1 in 7 people entering hospitals need blood. That means a lot of blood is needed. The demand for blood is high, but the supply is not. In shocking statistics according to only FIVE percent of eligible donors across the NATION donate blood. That may sound like something but
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If you are eligible to donate blood, you are allowed to give blood every 56 days, so it means that you can also get a completely free physical examination three to six times a year.

Transition statement: The last but greatest benefit of donating blood
Is feeling like a hero? Like stated “A blood donation truly is a “gift of life” that a healthy individual can give to others in their community who are sick or injured. Your blood can give a random stranger or loved one another day in life and that makes you an instant hero. Feeling like you made a difference is probably one of the best feelings you can feel.
Solution: The solution is EVERYONE DONATE BLOOD. It’s a simple process and won’t take more than an hour. With simply donating blood you can make a huge difference. By visiting the American Red Cross site you can see if you’re eligible for donating and read many more benefits donating blood gives.
Visualization: Picture this… A eight year old cancer patient’s parents not having to worry if there’s enough blood and platelets available for their child’s cancer treatments. Or being able to say you helped save grandma when she underwent surgery. Imagine blood donation became a regular thing every American did.
Action step – Millions of Americans are unaware of blood drives that happen year round. Take action by starting your own blood drive. By simply visiting You can also gather a group

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