Blood Diamond By Edward Zwick Essay

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The movie “Blood Diamond,” (2006) directed by Edward Zwick is a film set in 1996, which depicts the dire events of a civil war funded by illegal diamond smuggling within Sierra Leone. The story of “Blood Diamond,” follows three significant characters, who throughout the movie express many extreme character developments, modifications to their ideals and lives. The previously emotionally detached and greedy mercenary, Danny Archer turned into a trusting man who sacrificed himself for the sake of Maddy, Solomon and Dia. Journalist Maddy came to terms with the complexity of the civil war in Sierra Leone and began to see the people affected by the war as more than just a news story. Protective, yet friendly Solomon went to extremes to help his child in a very spontaneous and extreme incident. Throughout the events of the movie, not only are each characters individual responses to conflict depicted, each character is shown to have developed intensely after experiencing specific life changing events.
At the beginning of the movie, Danny Archer is conveyed as a selfish, mercenary with views which could be seen as somewhat nihilistic, whose only true goal is to gain an abundance of money so he can abandon the “Godforsaken,” Sierra Leone as swiftly as possible; except, that perspective gradually changes as Danny begins to allow himself to care for others. Danny Archer is primarily characterized as lacking true friendship and love; this gives Danny the ‘lone wolf persona.’ This…

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