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BLOG EXAMPLES for ADV116 – These are actual student blogs.
I recently read an article that compared the amount of high school dropouts in 1990/1991 and 2009/2010. It stated that in 1990/1991 16.6% of people ages 20-24 did not get a high school diploma and were not attending school. In 2009/2010 the numbers decrease to 8.5%- a very huge drop. It also stated that the dropout rates in 2009/2010 for woman was less than men 6.6%, 10.3% respectively. Immigrants are also less likely to drop out then Canadian-born people. This article outlines mainly education segment and touches on age groups, gender and race. I think that the huge decrease in high school drops can be due to the fact that nowadays to make a good job you are required
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And then to find out that they then won the best costume, that just spoke of the kind of company that they kept that night. As far as I am concerned, they both are very ignorant and disrespectful to the community that they once served and the group of people that were there that night should be held just as responsible for condoning such awful and shameful behaviour. The silver lining in this story is that the Royal Canadian Legion branch in Toronto where this story took place has been closed for good.

The segments covered in this blog are race and socially accepted behaviour (psychographics)


On October 19th Canadian history was made when Naheed Nenshi became the first muslim mayor of a large Canadian city. The thirty eight year old business professor beat out television anchor Barb Higgins in a race that had attracted the highest voter turnout in three decades.
I am so proud to see that Canada as a nation is beginning to be able to see past out ward appearances and socially defining factors such as religion and race, to make educated judgments of people and their intellectual benefits as individuals. By advancing in this area the nation of Canada will only become stronger and more united on a global front. In this

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