Essay about Blindness And It 's True Meaning

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Blindness and It’s True Meaning The theme of “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is blindness, both literally and figuratively. The story is about a man, the narrator, who is blinded by his prejudice. He is forced into an uncomfortable situation when his wife invites an old friend into their home. The narrator is made to share his home with a blind man, whom he has never met, named Robert. Robert, despite his handicap, is very insightful and drastically opens the narrator’s eyes to the world around him. “Although he is blind, he “sees” how to get along with others in profound and important ways. By contrast, the narrator, although sighted, does not see how his isolation damages himself, his wife, and their relationship. He is metaphorically blind to his own human relationships” (Henningfeld) At the start of the story the narrator’s insecurities, ignorance, and prejudice show as he plays through his wife’s past. He describes her first husband, “Her officer—why should he have a name? He was the childhood sweetheart, and what more does he want?” (PG #) and one can sense his insecurity about their own marriage and feel the jealousy he has over her first husband. He then reveals that his wife’s first marriage ended with her attempting to commit suicide, and instead of empathising with her or feeling relief that she failed, he is remarkably unconcerned. Instead of being happy that the blind man was there to listen and reply to her tapes, there to support her when…

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