Blind Side Theme

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Blake LoCicero
Professor McGinn
Writing 102
5 October 2017
“The Blind Side”: A Story of Triumph “The Blind Side”, directed by John Lee Hancock, shows the struggle of a black man to become apart of the white society. The main character in the film, Michael Oher, provides a first person point of view to audiences of how he received mistreatment and disdain from the white community. Along with showing us the struggles of Michael, Hancock also wants to abolish the notion towards white Americans by using the Tuhoy family as his prime example. He shows how the Tuhoy’s accepted Michael and all of his past experiences for who he is as a person and what he aspires to be. The Tuhoy family becomes part of who Michael is and he looks to them for strength,
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For example, Leigh Ann’s lifestyle is incredibly over the top. She is able to buy whatever clothing she wants; eat at any restaurant she desires given her social status. This lifestyle is an example of popular culture because Leigh Ann, judging by her lifestyle, would seem to be the last person to take in a random young man and essentially raise them as their own child. Her character is the driving force throughout the movie because not only does she stand up for Michael among many of her peers, she gives the audience a way of funneling their emotion into the movie. Her actions allow the audience to know that Michael is not alone and that he is in good hands with Leigh Ann and the Tuhoy …show more content…
The Tuhoy family and Michal Oher come from totally different backgrounds. They differ in almost every single way. The point of telling this story and why it has gained so much popularity is to show the likeness of all people no matter race or any other distinguishing physical feature. The Tuhoy’s defy what is considered normal behavior amongst their peers and take a young black man under their roof and raise them as he is their own. Michael comes from a rough upbringing and had no opportunity until one night when complete strangers took a chance on him and realized how great of a person he truly is. The Tuhoy’s ideology is different from those of their peers. This family did not see Michael as a black man in need. They saw him as a human being who needed help. What they learned was not only did Michael need them, but they benefitted greatly from having Michael as a part of their

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