Bless Me Ultima, By Rudolfo Anaya, Gabriel And Maria Marez Essay

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The world is filled to the brim with conflicting forces and imbalances. For millennia, civilizations have repeatedly tried to explain the idea of opposite sides and how they affect the world they exist in. For example: Yin and Yang, or in the case of Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Gabriel and Maria Marez. Yin and yang symbols represent the idea of perfect balance and harmony in Chinese culture, demonstrating the polar forces that create and explain the world. Yin stands for femininity and passiveness, while Yang stands for masculinity and activeness, much like the characters of Maria and Gabriel. The story of Bless Me Ultima is punctuated by the clashing personalities of the two characters, and those conflicts have both adverse and favorable effects on their son, Tony. The immense faith in God and near-resentment towards vaqueros of Maria is contrasted with the untethered and practical character of Gabriel, and their conflicting belief systems cause both inner conflict and growth in Antonio, their son.
Throughout his early life, Maria’s piety and discontent with vaqueros shape his intense faith in God. Tony’s mother passes down her sense of intense religious faith and ethics to her son, shaping his conscience and his blind belief in God. At the beginning of the story, Maria goes on a brief rant about how the vaqueros are “worthless drunks” and “gypsies, always dragging their families around the country like vagabonds.” (9) The pious woman goes on to tell Tony that he…

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