Bless Me Ultima Analysis

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1. A curandera, “is a healer in the tradition of native New Mexican healers” (pg.x). Curanderas use ancient methods learned by the Native Americans in order to heal people and help them. One of the main characters in the story “Bless me Ultima” acts as a curandera; her name is Ultima. Ultimas role in the pueblo communities of New Mexico was to basically be the doctor that the people didn 't have. Curanderas made people teas, cured broken bones, mixed medicines, and healed illnesses, but Curanderas were most known for “bringing harmony to the fragmented soul.”
2. As Antonio tells the story, he tries to make sense of the conflicts he encounters by relating them to his religion. Antonio 's mother always tells him about the future as a priest
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There are many cases of dichotomy in the story “Bless Me Ultima.” Antonio first experienced this at school. At school, all of the kids spoke English; he grew up speaking Spanish. He became intimidated because he had to learn a whole new language with kids hat he had never met before. He succeeded at school with hard work and this was his first case of dichotomy. Another case of dichotomy is antonios lifestyle. His mother is a “Luna” and her family is devoted to Christ and peaceful farming. His Mother always makes comments such as, “if only he could become a priest,” to show just how much she wants her son to be a priest (pg.31). His father, on the other hand, grew up from a family that were known to be “Vaqueros.” These people believe in the God of the land and harsh live. These are two cases of dichotomy. First, Antonio must either choose to live life as a priest or as a vaquero; Second he must choose whether he believes in God or that he land is his God. These are factors that truly impact Antonio’s identity. These are two completely different life styles that would affect his future greatly… He would either have a peaceful life or one of the cow …show more content…
At the end of the novel, Antonio realizes that he is a grown man. He knows that through his experiences and what he has learned he has grown. In a dream, he sees Narciso, Lupito, and Florence. These are the people that Antonio has seen die. He wakes up for Ultima to say, “life is filled with sadness when a boy grows to be a man” (pg. 245). Ultima warns him about changes in the future but this does not phase him. He goes to spend the summer with the Lunas to farm. While he is there, he learns to farm and be an independent man. At this point he realizes that now, he does not need his mom 's permission to do stuff, or ask what can be done, he is a grown man and can decide on his own. When he gets back, Ultima 's owl gets killed which causes her to die. Antonio grows off of what Ultima has taught him and finishing this chapter of his life, truly, as a grown man. When Ultima dies, Antonio is sad, but for all he knows he must continue her practices and stay true to

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