Blended Learning Within The Workplace Essay example

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By definition blended learning is ___. This paper will examine two studies that analyzed blended learning in the workplace.
Five researchers explore the present and future situation of blended learning in American workplaces by surveying human resource development managers across America in study one. While there are many definitions of blended learning available, the researchers utilize Charles Graham’s definition of blended learning; it states, “blended learning … means a combination of online and face-to-face instruction”. They also employ blended learning models with a corporate perspective (skill-driven model, attitude-driven model, and competency-driven model) to refine their study questionnaire. Additionally, the researchers “point out six factors that impact the decision regarding the design of blended learning experiences: how stable the content is, how much time one has for development and implementation, whether human interaction is essential for the learning goals, how much the budget is, whether the learning resource can be reusable and referenced in the future, and whether the nature of the activities and learners’ situation is individual or social”. The benefit assumption going into the study were: “those who use blended approaches base their pedagogy on the assumption that there are inherent benefits in fact-to-face interaction among participants as well as the understanding that there are some inherent advantages using online learning technologies in…

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