Essay about Blended Coaching

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Blended Coaching
Book Review
Charmaine Smith
Coppin State University

This is a well written, easy to read practical guide to coaching principals and other school leaders. It contains many examples of different coaching styles for the education sector. The authors offer a fresh approach to professional development of leadership. Blended Coaching provides research and theory for the readers with practical skills and strategies for leadership coaching which is connected to the needs of principals and other school leaders. This book provides field tested, concise guidance, for all who are concerned with supporting new and veteran principals’ professional learning and all other leadership stakeholders within the education sector. In
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Coaching is a professional practice; mentoring is typical voluntary and informal. Coaching is not supervision but effective supervisors a lot. A supervisor has the authority to give direction; a coach does not. A supervisor may have influence over an individuals employment a coach does not. Most of the time the supervisor’s role is the same as that of a coach: to nurture growth in their subordinates. Last but not least coaching is not therapy. Coaches should be prepared to suggest that coaches seek additional help if personal situations warrant. The authors discuss Leadership Coaching For School Leaders. Effective School Leadership Coaching utilizes the elements of what coaching is and what it is not. It is important that the school leadership coach develops a relationship based on trust and permission. A coach and coachee must have an agreement by which the pair has set goals and each party has given certain permissions to the other. The finale of part I Meeting the Challenges of the Principleship is descriptive and well needed information to assist new and veteran principles. The authors discuss standards for principals. These range from dishearten to global events which involves communication skills, curriculum decisions, expertise of teachers, and endorsements from societies. The principalship is about interwoven work that cannot be mastered in theory. Much of the work must be

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