Essay about Bleaching of Allura Red

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Katie Berry TA: Jason Fahrion April 10, 2013 A Kinetic Study of the Bleaching of Allura Red Introduction: In this laboratory experiment, we studied the kinetics of the reaction between Allura Red (C18H14N2O8S2) and bleach. C18H14N2O8S2 (aq) + NaOCl (aq) → products Allura Red is a food dye, which is an organic molecule with alternating single and double bonds. The color of the dye comes from the delocalization of electrons in the π­bonding system (Exton, 149). Bleach is an aqueous solution that contains sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). The hypochlorite of bleach breaks the double bonds of the food dye through oxidation, forming molecules that do not absorb visible light and thus bleaching the product. During this process, hypochlorite is …show more content…
The values of k’ came from the slopes of ln[AR] vs. Time (Graph 4). The following table shows the calculated k’ from each trial, along with the calculated concentrations of bleach. Slope values of ln[AR] vs. Time / [NaOCl] Trial # 2 4 Slope value (k’) ­0.0062 ­0.0029 [NaOCl] (mol/L) 0.004 0.002




Because the doubles as the concentration doubles, the reaction is first order. Sample

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