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Blaut... CH. 4

We now know:

Capitalism was developing evenly throughout
Africa, Europe and Asia before 1492.


This process was called by Blaut: “Proto-capitalism.” So capitalism does not appear out of nowhere. It shifted its center from Indian Ocean to Europe = continuous process. Industrial revolution started later: symbolically situated in
1688 (overthrow of King James II in England by
Parliamentary group)


How did Capitalism develop more in Europe after 1492?

This is the main question of the chapter.

Why did Europe discover America?

Myth of adventuresome superiority in Europe.

Based on internal characteristics of Europe and giving no credit to
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Weapon technology was also an advantage for

But they were not good enough by themselves due to the big size of the American population.


Also, weapons in America were not too far behind; at least not far enough to consider them the main factor in the success.

Why are then Europeans more immune? 

The population in the Americas was more recent (oldest proofs are 30.000 years old).
Agricultural revolution only took place about
4000 years ago.

In the East they started about 10.000 or
12.000 years ago.


Once agricultural revolution takes place, development starts to catch up, but they were still behind. (another contradiction???)

What about diseases?

America was geographically separated from
Europe and it had smaller contact with agriculture and animals domesticated.

They were not as exposed to diseases as
Europeans = they were not immune.
America was not conquered, it was infected.

They were successful.

ion have in uest/infect d this conq I century? t effects di
e in the XV

General answer

Leading group of colonialism = proto-capitalists.

Seeking profit.

This group/class took profit from the Americas in different ways and re-invested it in Europe.
Governments taxed this incoming gold, silver and profit in general + they pay with it for the services they requested

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