Selfless Leadership

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1. Executive summary
Blanchard and Hodges’ work on the ‘leadership’ is entirely focused on leadership which is selfless and only aims to serve the people who are following the leader. The true leadership is defined as an act of servant-ship to the people. This is the reason why the book is titled as “the servant leader.” The book aimed at creating an understanding of the ethical leadership which is completely selfless. The authors have tried to convince the audience with the idea of Jesus Christ as they described Jesus Christ as a true leader who lived all his life for serving others.
Blanchard and Hodges (2004) recognized this concept as a missing part of the lifestyle and leadership strategies over which they were working. The right model
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Agreement with thesis
I completely agree with every argument and ideology presented in the book which defines the qualities and actions of a perfect leader who is truly selfless. To lead like Jesus means to adopt all his practices in our lives for living a life which is dedicated to others, which is dedicated to motivating others and aims for the betterment of society rather than the goals which are entirely centered at our own motives and desires.
The first section of the book aims to define the qualities which the leaders must possess at their heart. The heart of the leader refers to the intentions carried by a person who is performing the role of leader, and an effective servant leader must have a good heart which only aims to motivate the followers and works for the betterment of society. A good leader with good heart always works on the conditions which agree with term ethics as ethics is an important part of life both in business as well as the general living. But I also think that the leader should use his brain on the priority to serve the others. The perfect combination of heart and brain can help the leader to achieve his targets in a better
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The actions of the leader must be aimed to work for the people, and they must carry affection towards them. The servant leaders must invest their time to the followers, family and other people who need the guidance of the person as a leader. The servant leaders must have a balance between their hands and head or we can say, vision and actions.
The third section of the book defines the characteristics of the servant leader which are defined using the idea of habits. To work on the leading ideas which were followed by Jesus Christ, one must also follow the habits which were carried by Jesus Christ through all his life. The habits of the servant leader are more devoted to god and the society like Jesus.
The servant leadership is defined completely by the light of God, and the leadership model is based on the head, hands, and habits of Jesus Christ. The book defines that the character of the leader highly affects the leadership style and the objectives of the organization.

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