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Thanks for flushing my Head in the Toilet
Thank you for flushing my head down the toilet is written by Jonathan Dorf. This story is about a girl named Helen and this boy named Achilles who get bullied (but Achilles gets his head flushed in a toilet basically every day). Helen tries to be late for school so she won’t run into her bullies. One day this supper cool girl Glenda magically offers them a way out of their bulling life, they jump at the chance. Glenda’s solution is to turn them into the exact people they are scared of. This story was set in a high school in the present day. I would design the stage as a high school and a bathroom at the school to show when Achilles got flushed in the toilet. Id make the bathroom blue because it
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Characters such as Helen or Achilles don’t wear any maekup, until the end when they become bullies, and popular. Their hair and makeup shows social class because Glinda wears makeup and does more hair styles than Helen who doesn’t wear any makeup or does much with her hair. Their hair and makeup shows that it’s from this era because it’s more modernized than it would be if it wasn’t from this era. The audience knows that it’s from this era from their makeup and hair because it’s modern makeup and hair and you wouldn’t expect that in a different era. When the characters enter I would play some kind of music that is enthusiastic, and when they leave I would lay short, simple instrumental music. I would add music in one of the parts when they are being bullied. I would make it sad music. When Achilles gets his head flushed in the toilet, I would add the toilet sound as a sound effect. I would add suspenseful music when the bullies are coming and “da da da” at the end when Achilles and Helen become bullies. I think that the whole production overall was very interesting and a bit confusing at first. It was kind of sad though when Achilles and Helen become bullies because that’s what they were afraid of in the first place. I would grade it an 80%. I said 80% because it sounds like a good play, but when I read it, it was very confusing. I thought that they used extra characters that they could’ve done without. It made it confusing because they would switch to random

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