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Fall 2012
Assignment 1
Q1. Choose three different products/services (do not choose all products or all services) and based on company website, TVCs, print, outdoor, and digital advertising identify the following: a) The Value Proposition of the market offering (product/service/experience) b) The Target market for the market offering (product/service/experience) c) How is the company building customer relationship with the current customers and consumers of the market offering? d) How is the company making efforts to increase customer loyalty and customer retention level? e) Which of the three companies is clearly following Marketing ethics and social responsibility?

Q2. Choose a particular television
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Efforts to increase customer retention: Ongoing research and development for finding new ways to innovate their products for enhancing athletic capabilities and bringing new unique designs
Value proposition: bringing family together for tea time
Target Market: housewives and families
Customer relation management:
Efforts to increase customer retention:

f) Tapal successfully follows ethical marketing techniques and give a message to strengthen family bonds.

Duration of ad: 30 seconds
Name of parent company: Nestle
Timings for ad: most frequent from 8 to 11 pm
Tag line: nanhay pait ki bari jhiza
Target audience: mothers with babies
Value Proposition: healthy and nutritious meal for a growing baby
Duration of ad: 30 seconds
Name of parent company: Nestle
Timings for ad: during morning and evening bulletins
Tag Line: bones strong tou main strong
Target audience: working women, women with age of 20 or above
Value Proposition: milk with additional calcium for strong bones and active people
PTCL Videocon
Duration of ad: 27 seconds
Name of parent company: PTCL
Timings of ad: during all news bulletins
Tag line: face-to-face experience through video conferencing services
Value Proposition: better communication for people who live far from their loved ones
Blue Band
Duration of ad: 32 seconds
Name of parent company:

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