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Hussain Industries:
Hussain industries is known to be one of the largest textile manufacturers in Pakistan. It is located in the hub of textile industries in Pakistan, the city of Multan, which is also famously known as the largest cotton growing city. This company is a partnership and is currently equally being shared between two parties.
Hussain industries has been manufacturing articles with intense colour tones which include the following:
Articles with intense color tones, including dyed yarns, printed kitchen towels, napkins, tea towels, table cloths, terry towels, surgical towels, industrial towels (with and without logo, tile motifs, check variants, micro checks, graduated checks and linear embroidery), herringbone, mono
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For example our total exports of ready-made garments, which sit at the top of the value-added chain is just about a billion dollars or less than 10% of our total textile exports.
The country has almost zero share of branded and high-value fashion and sportswear textile in global markets, despite huge public demand for such products in Europe and the US, which is being fulfilled by our South Asian competitors, including India, China and Bangladesh. Pakistan’s total exports in this sector are barely $50 million.
Pakistan gets about $10.2 billion of its $12.5 billion textile export revenue from 20 countries. However, it accounts for merely 5.7% of the total textile imports of these 20 countries.
China is the second largest buyer of Pakistani textiles, importing $1.527 billion of textiles last fiscal. Unlike US where mostly value added textiles are imported, China buys only cotton yarn and cotton fabric from Pakistan.
Pakistan already exports about 70% of its total yarn exports to China and Hong Kong. So if demand jumps 50% or more, the impact on Pakistan yarn exports can be huge, which coupled with falling local demand could be a lifeline for a large sector of our industry.
Pakistani textile products accounted for 3.3% or $1.07b of total UK’s textile imports in previous fiscal. Pakistan’s textile exports accounted for 12.4% or $4.61b of total Chinese

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