Essay Blades Economic Development Corporation ( Bedco )

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Blades Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO) is a nonprofit organization that meets every Thursday in Blades, Delaware at the Nanticoke River Yacht Club and Marina. There are many people that are involved with this organization, but only the board of directors come to this weekly meeting. There are twelve board members and they each play an important and active role in the organization. At this meeting the president of BEDCO gave an informative speech about the recent happenings that they have dealt with. His name is Edward Cranston; he has been involved with BEDCO for fifteen years. After years of success in his business he became involved with the organization and worked his way to the top. By using the seven key elements of communication such as self, others, purpose, context, content, structure and expression, I will cover the recent happenings that BEDCO has dealt with. I am an avid boater and one of the topics covered at the meeting I attended on April 2, 2015, was an issue that had been going on since last summer. There is a yacht club and marina on the Nanticoke River many people of the surrounding area use to dock and launch their boats. Before getting to the marina by water, there is a train bridge that opens and closes when there is train traffic. Usually when there is no train traffic, boats are able to propel through the bridge with no problem, but last summer the mechanism that opens and closes the bridge broke. Not only did it break, but it broke in the…

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