Blade Runner Essay

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Category One – Context
Context investigates a text’s personal, social and historical context. Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, was first released in 1982. At this time, computers were at an all-time high in popularity and productivity, businesses were booming and the environment was being ignored for financial profits. All of these values had an impact on the way Blade Runner was written and directed.
Blade Runner was released right in the middle of the ‘Computer-Age.’ This was the period in which computers were at their peak in popularity, and were moving away from the industrial sector and more into people’s households. This technology clearly influenced they way in which Blade Runner was directed, due to the amount of
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She is not told she is a replicant, instead believing that she is ‘normal.’ When the news is revealed to her by Deckard that she is a replicant, the audience is able to see the psychological trauma that comes with the knowledge. She enters into a state of depression, which is evident when she begins to cry and then runs from Deckard’s apartment.
The audience is able to empathise with her view-point. She is basically being told her whole life is a lie. We see the extent of this lie when Deckard is able to tell Rachael her memories, even though she has never told them to anyone. This exposes her, and the audience recognises this. Her role in the movie is to portray the emotional fragility of the race of replicants, and to show the extent to which they have been manipulated and exposed by humans.

Category Three – Ecological Values & the Module
Ecological values relate to the environment and the human and animal organisms within the environment. Ridley Scott has created a very specific worldspace with a number of features of ecological inclination.
The environment in which Blade Runner is set has a number of interesting features. One of these is the lack of nature within the environment. The opening shot of the city quickly establishes the lack of anything green – the landscape is instead dominated by oil refineries blowing fire. This dominates over the ecological environment and shows the lack of importance society has put on nature and

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