Essay on Blade Runner : Cops And Monsters

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Blade Runner: Cops and Monsters

After thoughtful consideration and research, I can call Blade Runner a [year] masterpiece. The movie definitely sets itself apart from other films of the time not only because of its particular story and eccentric characters, but also because it aligns in its composition two distinctive types of genre, Science Fiction and Film Noir. After watching the movie and discussing it in class, what caught my attention about the film was the fact that its composition and development merges elements from two different genres without complication. In the movie, Ridley Scott introduced visual elements that not only complied with the film noir genre but also embraced the sci-fi field. The fact that the director merged two different genres, in the movie, makes me consider Blade Runner as an innovation in the field of multigeneric films. Initially, I thought that Blade Runner had a very surprising, confusing, and rather morbid beginning. Even though the film introduces what the Nexus 6 are and what does the term ‘Blade Runner’ stands for, I did not except the robots to be as bloodthirsty as initially presented. I disliked the Nexus 6 almost immediately, particularly because Leon’s killing scene was rather abrupt and without reason. However, as the film progressed and the different characters’ intentions began to surface my feelings towards the Nexus shifted. I even found myself sympathizing with Leon during the scene when he looked at the photograph with…

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