Blackness ' Is Not A Self Created Identity Essay

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According to Fanon’s conclusion, ‘Blackness’ is not a self-created identity, but one that placed upon individuals who are characterized as black people. For decades, skin color has been used as the central tool to identify what group of people should be endowed with power in society. Meanwhile, others outside the group were characterized to be inferior to them. In society, the term ‘blackness’ has become the constructed definition that exists for the purpose of inferiority, while whiteness has become the constructed definition for greatness and purity by societal standards. This idea is implying that, outside of racial discourse, a person who is black by nature, has been “blackened” amongst society. This further explains that since social absorption has associated the term blackness with negativity, black man and women are not given an equal chance to self-construct an image or idea of him/herself, but is subject to an pre-destined image and idea established by ‘we-they’ claims of the power and privileged (white people).

The criminal-justice system is a prime example of preconceived notions applied to individuals of color. For example, the purpose of this court is to provide an individual with a fair chance to settle disputes through a legal process. In the court, a jury decides whether a person committed a crime, and the judge is responsible for what the punishment should be. The purpose of this method is to provide a peaceful and fair chance to disputes what has…

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