Blackberry Picking Essay

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D Moreno Blackberry picking

Nature can be easily compared to human beings. Both of them experience growth, development, and perish in a similar manner. Just as human beings enjoy their youth and cherish it throughout the rest of their lives; similarly, nature, in this case blackberries are seen as being appealing when they are fresh. With the use of similes and metaphors, Seamus Heaney compares the experience of picking blackberries with life itself. The reader is able to imagine the cycle of life, all the way from childhood to aging, the same way a blackberry’s own cycle from being fresh to rotten. Human beings treasure their memories of youth and many times wish they could return to that period of time. When Heaney
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Life could as well be seen as a journey in which evolution takes place. From being young to an adult, human beings get to mature and their physique is similar to that of a fruit, it ages. “The fruit fermented the sweet flesh would turn sour”. This metaphor can be understood as the fright humans experience when the uncertainty of what will be of their lives once they are old takes over. Metaphors such as that of a journey and physical change of a fruit and a human get to represent how all things in life will end at some point. The sensation experienced at the moment of getting to be part of the blackberry picking is compared to that of seizing life. “With thorn prick, our palms stick as Bluebeard’s”. The author creates a simile between the senses of when touching what remains of a blackberry to that of holding on your hand the last moments of your life in which you’ll get to do the things you love the most. A sense of emptiness takes over the picker once he acknowledges the harvest is near of getting ruined. The decaying fruit can then be seen as death that is every time approaching. The emotions and feelings found when blackberry picking is taking place are compared to the transition of life itself. All of the emotions and experiences a human being experiences throughout the course of life, are similarly portrayed throughout this mundane activity. It is nature’s way of telling every human being that every human being is part of the circle of life. Heaney did

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