Black 's Clues, Dora, And Sesame Street Are Television Shows I Grew Up Watching

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Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Sesame Street are television shows I grew up watching. My mother sat me in front of the TV when I was just a baby. Did I know what I was watching? No, but I knew that I saw colors and became intrigued. I obviously didn’t know what I was looking at but the television was a distraction if my mother was cooking or cleaning. My mother was not aware exposing me to the TV could have negative effects. Today, no one sees the TV as an immoral object. It is rare that children up to age two haven’t watched television at least once. According to Shelley Pasnik, producer of the PBS Parents Guide to Children and Media, “More than 4 in 10(43%) of children under the age of two watch TV every day.” There are tons of TV programs created to entertain children at an exceptionally young age. However, television is not suitable for a child under the age of two because his or her brain is still developing. Infants are not capable of understanding what is being displayed on a television screen. Television images can be exceedingly confusing to an infant’s brain. David Hill, Vice President of Cape Fear Pediatrics, “Screen viewing before age 18 months has…effects on children’s language development, reading skills, and short-term memory.” It is unfair for a parent to let his or her child watch television before the brain is ready. The television can taint and impair the mind of a young child. Most parents believe there is no harm in letting their infant…

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