Black Women 's Influence On African American Women Essay

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Introduction When one thinks of an African American woman, several perceptions may come to mind. Depending on the ethnicity of that person, their experience, and interaction with the Black community as well as Black women may alter. Some individuals have more positive views of African American women as a whole; on the other hand, other individuals may have a more negative view of women of color. According to Wyckoff & Simpson (2008), African American women are labeled to be “strong, independent, invulnerable” and able to “hold their own”. In the media, frequently held stereotypes depict African American women as unsafe, sexually promiscuous, and aggressive; on the other hand, Black women are seen as “mammy figures” (nurturing, submissive, and unreceptive) (Perry, Pullen, & Otter, 2012). The combination of these two beliefs produces a system of harassment that acts to silence Black women making them more susceptible to sexual violence, discrimination, and sexism which White women may never experience (Perry et al., 2012).
In the United States, one in five women are raped in during their life; this is most likely to happen during adolescence or young adulthood (Watson, Marszalek, Dispenza, & Davids, 2015). Likewise, African American women report more violent crimes, rape, and sexual assaults compared to Caucasian women (Watson et al., 2015). Compared to Black men, White men, and White women, Black women report more fear of crime and have a greater fear of rape (Watson…

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