Black Women By Genna Rae Mcneil, The Joan Little Case Essay

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“According to Genna Rae McNeil, the Joan Little case illustrates the coming of age of black women during the early 1970s, and demonstrates one of the few instances where black women were able to merge their racial consciousness with their feminist values to overcome their race and class differences and create a sisterhood. Who was Joan Little? What were the specific issues involved in the Joan Little case? What is the relationship between the historical issues of race and sex that fueled the black communities ideological debate over the need to protect black women? How and why did the Little case galvanize black and white women to resist state- sponsored oppression?”
The Sisterhood “Joanne is you and Joanne is me”, this slogan was plastered everywhere, the motive was to suggest to everyone regardless of their color that this could be you, this could be your wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, or grandmother. This was to connect Joanne with the people and that is exactly what it did. Joan Little, at the time was about twenty years old, Little was sent to jail because she robbed a house (264). She was the victimized and sexually assaulted by a guard at the prison she was sent too. Clarence Alligood forced her to perform oral sex and would use an ice pick on her if she did not, however, she used the ice pick on him and as he was dying, she stole his keys and ran away (259).
Joan Little was a vanguard for civil rights, feminism, and anti-death penalty movements.…

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