Black Women : A Black Woman Essay

1139 Words Nov 29th, 2016 5 Pages
It is hard being black in America and even harder to be a black woman in America. Black women encounter more scrutiny and backlash than any other minority group. We are constantly portrayed as the “angry black women” any time we speak on the oppressions that we face. Being a black woman in America, I have noticed that I am faced with completely different challenges than any other race and gender. I have been conditioned to follow societal norms such as how to wear my hair, not to use black vernacular when I am not at home, and even how to dress. This is a common occurrence throughout the entire black community. Generations after generations of black people have had to learn similar things as a way of survival. After doing the reading, I have learned that this idea of half of your life being for you and the other half is how you want the oppressor to view you is called double consciousness and the term was coined by WEB DuBois. I completely agree with Dubois and his notion because even though I try to stray away from these social constructs, I still find myself doing exactly what society tell me to do to be accepted; smiling, laughing and keeping my mouth closed. Although we have read works by several authors who hold true to this idea of double consciousness, I am going to focus on Harriet Jacobs and how her work illustrates this concept through her childhood, faith, love life and her freedom. Slave narratives written by black men are so common that the concept of a black…

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