Black Swan Analysis

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Stork: A stork denotes the arrival of a new-born. Storks are symbolic of feminine power. Additionally, they also signify new birth, new creation and renewal of life. It is observed that human beings with a stork totem spossess inventive creative imagination, and have a wealth of new ideas. Furthermore, they tend to make for moving and motivating characters.
Your message: Emerge, arise, ascend higher and reinvigorate your mind!

Peacock: The peacock is, for the most part, an image of exhibitionism, yet it's a positive sign, demonstrating predetermination and accomplishment in your connections and at work. Your message: Be content with what you have, don't give careful consideration to outward appearance, rather refine your internal identity,
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Falcon: The falcon symbolises achievement, victory and rising in adverse circumstances. Falcons have the capability to fly to great heights and have incredible powers of judgement. Your message: Be keen and attentive. You will find opportunities for change, however, it requires a realistic and planned choice with great approach and awareness.

Swan: Swans are beautiful creatures. They appear self-assured and harmonious. They understand the importance of retreat, without crowding in on us. The Black Swan is mysterious and enticing with its fascinating appearance and it’s beguiling.
Your message: trust in yourself! Retreat (Step back) like the swan and introspect.
The swan represents grace and effortlessness excellence on many levels. It is related with adoration, music, and verse. In Roman mythology, Swan was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. It's the emissary of affection and is often connected with the feeling of love.
Your message: Be graceful in all circumstances, even under trials, especially in tough instances, because we know that patience may be bitter but its fruit is sweet. Persistence
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Deer: Stop for a moment, and concentrate on your inside voices and longings, you will probably get a fundamental message. A deer totem guides you to be in congeniality with your inner energies and trust your femininity.
Your message: Be sympathetic and kind!

Owl: Owls are astute and have great powers of intuition. They can see hidden things, and provide guidance on the most capable strategy to combat darkness.
Your message: Seclude yourself from urban clutter and be a quiet onlooker. Tune into your internal voice and make them learn!

Horse: Symbols of relentless movement, the steed can travel long distances both in space and time. Horse people have intense desires for adaptability, and flexibility, they are great powerful pioneers who help us to fulfil our destinations.
Your message: Move forward with your targets!

Racoon: Racoons are humble, moreover charming, and extraordinarily curious, which can often lead them into difficulties. It denotes burglary or blackmail, demonstrating that you are in all probability not being direct in certain

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