Black Studies Movement For Human Justice Essay

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Black Studies Movement for Human Justice

Arely Colindres
AFAM 40 A, Discussion 2

The discipline of African American studies has served as a widespread systematic study of the thought and practice of the African Americans, focusing primarily on the African initiative and experience. Black studies in current-day society draws a new and improved focus on the constant development of the African American community not only to inform us on their movement but also as a way to enlighten us on their experience with culture, history, and ongoing issues today. In this particular manner, we are able to better understand their development and history to give us a better understanding of what we are made of and the “actual truth” of the struggles and experiences African Americans have undergone to be where we are today. African American studies in the last four decades has served as an essential form of discipline to give meaning to the history and social reality of the African American community and incorporate this on a journey to better understand ourselves and to bring more appreciation to the African culture for the benefit of the entire human population. African American Studies provides society with adequate knowledge on humanity. Just as Karenga mentions, “It is in studying African people that we get an idea of the earliest humans beginning to develop language, art, religion, family and other social norms” (Karenga 20) . Just as Karenga illustrates, Black studies…

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