Black Studies And The Civil Rights Movement Essays

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Black studies is the study of African peoples in their current and historical unfolding (Karenga). It came about during the Civil Rights Movement to establish a people as one and to create a discipline of study that was unheard of. Not only was this study unheard, but it did not exist. The European views of History have been taught for centuries—even to this very day. The truth about Black history and culture had been hidden and dismissed from society until people fought to make it something real. The history behind Black studies and how it came to be started not long ago. Black studies came into being in the 1960s because of the Civil Rights Movement (Karenga). During this time, blacks were facing legal segregation and discrimination in society and in education institutions. The rise of Black studies emerged from this movement because black activist wanted bring together students of campuses and communities and societies for power for their cause. The goal at this time was to eliminate legal segregation, achieve equality and justice for Blacks, and to become a “social force capable of defining, defending, and advancing their interests” (Karenga 9). Black studies continued to grow throughout the Free Speech Movement, Anti-War Movement, and the Black Power Movement. It was not until the end of the 1960s, in 1969, that San Francisco State University became the first higher educational institution to establish a Black Studies Program and department (Karenga 14). The mission…

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