Black Slavery And The Civil War Essay

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Black slavery is among the most controversial issues that have caused various debates among historians in the American society. It is quite critical to note that the history of black slavery commences from 1776 during the American independence to about 1865, the period when the Civil War ended (Leslie 150). During this period, the American government legalized the civil war in their constitution, which allowed the white American to own the black slaves and use them at their own pleasure. As such, more people entered US, more so from the African continent, with West Africa serving as the most affected region (Larry 12). Such individuals worked in the American firms, while others resided in towns and took part in the construction of the cities such as New York. It is vital to indicate that the black slavery process has since impacted America in a different way, thereby causing numerous changes. Again, the compromising situations faced by the slaves have since been recorded and stored by the historians and other interested scholars (Wilma 66). History has recorded that the black people got to the United States city of New York in the 17th century. Evidence of black slavery was reported in New York City even before the United States got its independence. Someone might wonder how comes that as early as the year 1626, some black men could be found thousands and thousands of miles away in a place called New York City. Various texts shall be relevant in conducting the research…

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