Black Sexual Politics And The New Racism Essay

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Collins purpose is to construct an analysis of the underlying connections between Black sexual politics and the new racism. These analyses include, “a set of ideas and social practices shaped by gender, race, and sexuality that frame Black men and women’s treatment of one another, - perceived and treated by others” (Collins p.7). Collins distinguishes the differences between those illustrations by providing the historical context followed by empirical and conceptual studies that offer a comprehensive overview of Black America. Modern society has maintained a distorted image that has influenced a new set of racism within African Americans and the society they exist in. This concept of new racism is crucial as Collins states fundamental reasons for its development; first the spread of capitalism and its effect on the wealthy and poor racialization. Followed by the injustice directed to the Black community crossing boundaries of other regions set to abolish racism and lastly, the misconception of mass media enforces of false hegemonic ideology that makes it seem as if racism no longer exists (Collins p.54). This interracial component relates to global phenomena since these exploitations have affected racial solidarity in the Black community, Collins theories, interpret the actions and deconstruct our position within these issues. Other, components that relate to Black sexual politics and the new racism are the political structure and mass media. The development of ideologies…

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