Black September Essay

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Black September Black September is both the name of Jordan’s war on the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the early seventies and the name of Palestinian terrorist movement created in revenge of the aftermath of Palestinian losses of the war in Jordan. Black September was a movement created by a break away Palestinian faction of Fatah. Fatah Is a Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the PLO. In Palestinian politics it is a more liberal group on the left wing of the spectrum, it is mainly a nationalistic group with some traits of socialism. Fatah’s goal was to have liberation of Palestine and eradication of the Zionist existence.
Fatah is not considered a terrorist group by any government. In the late
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The group infiltrated the Olympics by getting two members of black September hired as janitors for the athlete village for that years games. The security for the games was minimal, there were West German officers patrolling the area but only during the events. Otherwise they had unarmed guards in the area and only a chain link fence separating the public from the athlete village. There were a number of athletes that admitted to leaving the village to go into the city at night. The night black September snuck in they were wearing athletic pants and sweatshirts, they also had heavy duffel bags filled with weapons. Apparently a member of the Uraguay team and several members of the US team bumped into these men as they were scaling the chain link fence. They assumed they were athletes and helped them get the bags over the fence, the Americans said this never happened but the athlete from urguay admitted to this. Since Black September had men as janitors with keys to most parts of the building, they made their way to the Israeli teams rooms. The building hosted rooms to the Chinese and urguay teams. They let everyone but the Israeli’s go. Yossef Gutfreund, a wrestling referee, was awakened by a faint scratching noise at the door of Apartment 1, which housed the Israeli coaches and officials. When he investigated, he saw the door begin to open and masked men with guns on the other side. He shouted a warning to

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