Essay on Black Power Movement : African American Hair

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The term, “natural hair”, is frequently used to describe African-American hair that has not been heat damaged, or chemically processed and in the state in which it grows from one’s head (Marshall). The ‘natural hair look’ became prominent in the 1960’s, before and during the civil rights movement (Luter; Brown 17). Many activists, and in general, everyday women wore their as is, which is commonly associated with the “Afro”. The “Afro” was not only a hairstyle, but a political statement for black men and women refusing the restrictions from society and assimilation to white standards of beauty. The Afro was also a “silent affirmation of African roots and the beauty of blackness” (Brown 16). The Black Power Movement is strongly associated with the “Afro” and described as a “counterculture campaign [against] decades of discrimination” (Brown 17). Today, the Afro and many more natural hair styles are returning and the community for natural hair is larger than before. The ever expanding sisterhood has created a niche market for natural hair care and cause beauty giants, like L 'Oréal to develop hair care lines specifically for African American hair (Millner 135;L 'Oréal). Despite the inclusiveness and increasing acceptance, there are still social and political problems for men and women who chose to wear their natural hair (R. Jeffries and D. Jeffries) .
In contrast to the ‘60’s, a recent natural hair movement began for African-American women to embrace their natural hair and…

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