Black Power, By A Young And Edgy Pop Culture Blog Essay

878 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Several police shootings across the nation have sparked a debate over police officers’ integrity and commitment to defend all lives. According to a report published by The Guardian, African Americans are more likely to die at the hands of law enforcement than any other race (citation). Dezmon Bradley, an author of The Celebritea Entertainment News, a young and edgy pop culture blog, examines and critiques the success and failures of famous celebrities each week. He concludes whether their career lives up to the powerful platforms the public gives them. His current article, "Then and Now: Black Power," is motivated by recent police brutality and how past and present celebrities address unequal treatment of African Americans. In his article, he highlights celebrities’ success, physical trials, and actions towards combating racial oppression. Bradley uses pathos, logos, and kairos to remind his audience of the importance of black power and the existence of social injustice.
Bradley uses his introduction to spark an emotional fire and interest in the public 's reassurance of black power and the collective fight towards social justice. Before beginning the article, Bradley establishes pathos through a photo of African Americans from earlier and present times raising a clenched fist. In the 1960s, the black power movement used the clenched fist as a statement of defiance against racial oppression. This photo invokes from the audience a sense of black pride and a realization of…

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