Black Plague Essay

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The Epidemic is Here

The Black Plague, one of the most devastating out breaks in history, is an historical event brought about with a great depression throughout Europe. This plague brought out the worst in mankind during the time the plague ran its course. How do people behave, when there environment becomes life threatening? (Herlihy, 18). The Black Death accounted for nearly one third of the deaths in Europe. Due to the death of many people there were severe shortages in labors, during these dreadful times. There were riots throughout Europe, and the great mortality brought on by the plague ripped society apart. Individuals were fearful searching for explanation, but in the end the plague gave rise to the survivors such as
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Plague did stop armies from time to time, but outbreaks of disease had this affect all the way back to ancient times.

“The social and cultural life changed drastically due to the plague. Life expectancies in the good years of the thirteenth century were between 35 and 40 years. The ferocious epidemics of the late fourteenth century cut that figure to below 20,” (Herlihy, 43). According to Boccaccio, many people faced their demise by that an infallible way of warding off this appalling evil was to drink heavily, enjoy life to the full and shrug the whole thing off as one enormous joke (Boccaccio, 7).

It was very important to understand the economic life and demographic change during the high mortality. The Black Plague was something that was not experienced before in Europe so the everyday route of work and services stopped. Cities were hit hard by the plague. While the plague was raging, depopulation of Europe caused a labor shortages and normal business could not sustain. Since the labor shortage was so severe, the wages of workers increased and land became available. These were two major effects of the plague. During the depopulation of Europe, production decreased as peasant and townspeople alike grew apathetic and neglected to fulfill the occupational responsibilities (Boccaccio, 12). Things that

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